2019 WA Invitational Futsal Cup Details

2019 WA Invitational Futsal Cup Details2 min read
April 3, 2019 State Futsal League Team

2019 WA Invitational Futsal Cup Details2 min read

Western Australia’s inaugural invitational Futsal event will be taking place on Easter weekend (April 19th, 20th and 21st).

Every WA State Futsal League winner plus a selection of some of Sydney’s best players will compete to win the first WA Invitational Futsal Cup.

The team invited to participate to the very first WA Invitational Futsal Cup are:

  • Rockingham Cambio Cumbre FC
  • Fremantle Futsal Club
  • Cockburn EWA FC
  • Murdoch Warriors FC
  • Stirling Braza Ginga FC
  • Sydney Stars FC

This will be the toughest competition yet and no doubt we will get to see some superstars return and new superstars rise.

Tickets are available now and you will be able to choose between one of the following options:

  • Day Pass (choose a day between Friday, Saturday and Sunday)
  • Weekend pass (access to all days including finals)

This will be an epic weekend of Futsal, make sure you get your tickets and come down to watch some great Futsal games at the Pro Futsal Centre in Bibra Lake!

Tickets can be bought on our website, please see below.